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Rental of motorcycle trailers

Braked single axle Stema trailer, with a MTM of 750 Kg to transport 1 to 2 bikes.

Specifications of the trailer:
Platform: 2.10 x 1.53
Trailer: 3.47 x 1.99 x 0.56
MTM: 750 Kg
Tarra: 270 Kg (1 stand) 275 Kg (2 stands)
Effective loading capacity: 480 Kg
Tempo-100 certified

Examples of the trailer

Rental overview on calendar

How to insure a rental trailer??

Tranporting heavy bikes? We have a braked double axle trailer with a huge platform. 4 to 5 bikes can be installed. You need a special drivers license. The trailer has a max weight of 2 Tons.